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Reports > 2018 > October > Wednesday 31
Wednesday, October 31, 2018
By Dave Graybill
I fished Potholes Reservoir again with my buddy and guide Brien Neilson, and this time our mutual friend James Lebow was able to join us. When the three of us get together it is always an interesting day, whether we catch fish or not. The three of us have enjoyed epic days fishing for walleye on Moses Lake, Potholes Reservoir and even fishing for steelhead at Bridgeport. The walleye fishing was slow on this particular day on Potholes, and Brian suffered for it. Although he guides on Potholes with great success he has to deal with the two of us who have no shortage of suggestions about where we need to go to find fish. We had caught a big largemouth bass and a bunch of those catfish early in the day. Brian said that if it was up to him we should go over to the mouth of Crab Creek to look for walleye. James and I ignored his idea and we kept catching catfish and a couple of perch in our preferred spot. We finally gave in to Brian and when we got to the mouth of Crab Creek our luck changed. We got three nice walleye. We could have taken Brian’s suggestion earlier and maybe have caught more fish, but that’s just not our nature.