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Reports > 2018 > October > Friday 12
Friday, October 12, 2018
By Dave Graybill
Well I broke my streak of only getting one fish per outing. It wasn’t spectacular, but it was satisfying. My brother in law Tom Verschueren and I made a quick trip to Fish Lake, near Lake Wenatchee. I wanted to see if we could catch some of the largemouth bass that inhabit the lake and maybe spend some time dragging flies around while we were there. We accomplished both. We got one nice largemouth on a Senko not long after we got started. Then we ran to the top end of the lake, and not seeing the kind of water we wanted for bass fishing decided to put the fly rods out. We watched our rods bounce constantly as fish swatted our flies, and some hit hard enough to get hooked. The rainbow were all hard-fighting, fat 13 inchers. This is a really fun way to catch and release rainbow on Fish Lake. We then worked our way down the lake casting our Senkos and got some more bass right in the bay of the Cove Resort. We ran around the corner and fished our way to the bottom end of the lake and got a couple more. The bass were from 1 to pounds, and the action was best when the sun was on the water. We got a half-dozen rainbow on our flies and as many largemouth on our Senkos. It was a really fun day.