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Reports > 2018 > October > Monday 29
Monday, October 29, 2018
By Dave Graybill
Ever have an Ah-Ha moment, and wonder why you hadn’t thought of something before? Well, let me share one with you all. I have been frustrated for a long time with the tangles I got on my bottom bounces. I would constantly have to unwind my swivel from the wire. Then I decided to switch to slider rigs. With this rig the fish aren’t pulling against a fixed weight when they bite, and you can go to free spool to feed line. Ok, I admit it, I am cheap. I had all these bottom bouncers and I didn’t want to just give them away. So, I cut the wire at the bend and attached my swivel. Two problems: one was that somehow the bottom bouncers would work loose, and two, I still had the tangles. Solution: I have a bunch of the Dutch Fork locking clevises. When I replaced the brass or plastic sliders with these clevises both my problems went away. I haven’t lost a bottom bounce and I am not getting the tangles I used to. Check out the photo I posted on Facebook to see how I use these clevises. Now I don’t have to get rid of all those bottom bouncers I have collected.