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Reports > 2018 > October > Monday 22
Monday, October 22, 2018
By Dave Graybill
I got a chance to fish with my buddy and guide Brian Neilson on Potholes Reservoir last Thursday. He had his friend Fred and client Bruce Funnar on board so there was plenty of room for me. We were looking for walleye and we started above the State Park and out in 25 to 30 feet of water. It was slow to get rolling, but when we got onto the gold sparkle Butterfly blade it turned around. We got our first fish on the small size and when we switched to the big Butterfly blade we got two in 15 minutes. We had five walleye in the live well in less than an hour, and they were all 19 to 20 inches. The early bite died, and we started hunting around. We approached a large group of boats, thinking they were fishing for walleye, it turned out they were all crappie anglers. They were doing great, too. We tried the far side of the reservoir but only got one fish. We trolled back to the other side and tried above the State Park again. We got two more while Brian was filleting our catch. We wound up with ten fish. We had a couple that were 14 to 17 inches, but most were those 19- to 20 inchers. Looks like fall walleye fishing is going to be great this season on Potholes Reservoir.