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Monday, October 1, 2018
By Dave Graybill
Fishing for fall salmon continues to be the hottest prospect for anglers here in Central Washington. Due to the one fish limit, many guides are making multiple trips on the Hanford Reach. Anglers who haven’t been to the Reach for a while will wonder what’s going on. Instead of seeing anglers trolling up stream with flashers and Super Baits, they are seeing a very large number of boats going down stream. The popularity of trolling downstream with lead balls, flashers and Super Baits has really caught on. I was first introduced to this technique five years ago, when I jumped on board with one of the anglers that was participating in the King of Reach Derby. It was the first time I had seen this method, and now it is widely used for fall kings. This is very effective when currents are low. When currents pick up, then the same technique is used going up stream. The amount of weight used is determined on the current and depth of the area being fished. Sometimes it seems you are flying down stream, and you may be. Just try to keep your rod tip pulsing once every second. That means your flasher is doing its job.