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Reports > 2023 > August > Monday 28
Monday, August 28, 2023
By Dave Graybill
When Buell Hawkins added Smoker Craft boats to the Valley Tractor dealership many years ago, he offered me a new boat every year to help him promote this new feature. He made good on his promise and for six years I drove a variety of Smoker Crafts. Bob Feil made an offer to take his inventory to add the boats to their dealership and Hawkins accepted. I promised Buell that I would take him fishing any time he wanted, and once again made good on my promise, taking Buell and his two grandsons fishing on Lake Wenatchee last Thursday. I hadn’t fished with Luke Hawkins, Brad Hawkins son, since we got his first king salmon in Bridgeport when he was much younger. I fished with Landon Hawkins, Brian Hawkins son, on a kokanee fishing trip two years ago. It was great having both grandsons and Buell on board. Both boys got to land fish and we had terrific fun fishing together. Buell and I are now planning a trip to Omak Lake. We have fished this lake a couple times in the past and he loves the scenery and the quality of the fish on this Colville Reservation lake.