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Thursday, June 12, 2014
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. I saw on Facebook that fishing friends Jordan Osborne and Keith Jensen placed 11th over the weekend at the Moses Lake Walleye Tournament. They were also able to catch the Big Fish of the tournament, weighing in at 7.22-pounds. First place for the two-day tournament went to Brad Phillips and Dave Greeno with a two-day total of 34.48-pounds. I also see a familiar name we've featured on Fishing Magician TV, Rick Rovegno and Hayden took third with a two-day total of 32.78-pounds. Austin Moser and Erik Shelton placed 15th with 19.08-pounds. Speaking of Austin, I just confirmed that I'll be traveling up to Lake Roosevelt with he and Dave Graybill next week to fish for sturgeon. This opened for the first time in decades last year and is open again this year for a one-fish-a-day and two-fish-a-year limit. The slot limit is between 53 and 63-inches as these fish are considered more mature fish. The size minimum was raised from last year in an attempt to allow juvenile fish more escapement. We'll have cameras in hand to make a new edition of Fishing Magician TV and I'll also have video on NCWLIFE Channel TV. Until next time, Good Fishing!