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Reports > 2018 > June > Tuesday 05
Tuesday, June 5, 2018
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. After having a few worms swiped the previous day on Lake Roosevelt fishing blind, it was great to be armed with information on Day 2. Marion and I had fished a couple different areas before I finally consulted with my Facebook Friend Eric Braaten. I know he knows these waters like the back of his hand and figured he'd have a place to try. Sure enough, Hawk Creek. So first light the next morning after sleeping on the boat Saturday night, we were off and running south. It was only a 10-minute boat ride to the mouth of Hawk Creek. This wide body features a rather cut bank on both sides so I slowed, watching my depth-finder for any "walleye-looking" water. Finally, I spied a pile of rocks protruding from a nook on the south side of the mouth that looked promising. I switched over to the 9-horse trolling motor and rigged a couple worm harnesses with some bottom walkers. We were in 35-feet of water to start and before I could get the second one down, we had a fish on! We ended up catching seven and Marion had fresh walleye for the very first time. She's hooked! Until next time, Good Fishing!