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Reports > 2023 > October > Wednesday 25
Wednesday, October 25, 2023
By Dave Graybill
As you know, I have been checking on the Icicle River for signs of coho salmon for the past few weeks. Finally, I found evidence of them being in the river. In fact, I came across two anglers with their limits of coho. They were fishing at the hole right at the boundary below the hatchery. They had their four fish and showed me photos of several more that were in the hole. They said they had several more swats on their twitching jigs and finally hooked and landed their four. If they are there they are in other areas of the Icicle. They said another place they had heard that fish were being taken was at the access off Icicle River Road. Although the fish are dark in appearance, I have found that the meat is still dark red on these fish. It sure took the fish a long time to show up this year, due to the very low water conditions. We are expecting rain for the next several days and that should move more coho into the upper Icicle. I am glad to see they are finally getting here. Now’s the time to get ‘em.