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Reports > 2023 > October > Friday 20
Friday, October 20, 2023
By Dave Graybill
It used to be that kokanee fishing on Lake Chelan was done only in May and June. Big schools of kokanee would appear in the lower basin and after June everyone figured that the kokanee had moved back up to Stehekin and you couldn’t catch them. These days it’s a whole different deal. Good kokanee fishing can be had on Lake Chelan year-round, and I have had good success catching kokanee in the winter and have found fish from “The Fences” above the Yacht Club clear down to the Blue Roofs. I am getting reports that the fishing is very good for kokanee right now, and that the fish are running 12 to 14 inches. What’s exciting about this is that the big numbers of kokanee that do go to the Stehekin River are gone, and the fish people are catching right now are fish that are going to be around through next year’s season. Imagine the size they will be in the spring and summer! We have lots of days through the fall and winter that are clear and sunny, and the water is calm. So, dig out the warm jackets and boots and get out there and get them.