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Reports > 2023 > October > Friday 27
Friday, October 27, 2023
By Dave Graybill
My fishing partner James Lebow asked for the second time, “Whose idea was this”? We were in the fourth hour of walleye fishing on Potholes Reservoir. The wind was knocking us around, our fingers were freezing, and he was having a heck of a time keeping the boat straight. We were looking for walleye in the rolling dunes northeast of the State Park. Occasionally, we would see a walleye mark on the screen, but the bite was far from hot. We had landed a decent walleye but the intervals between good bites and landing a fish were long. We had caught some dandy largemouth bass, a whopper bluegill and a decent perch. We stuck with it though. I was glad I wasn’t driving. James had the kicker in gear and used the bow mount to steer us through the marks on the fish finder he laid down on previous trips. Actually, we were glad we put up with the conditions as long as we did. When we headed for the dock there were five nice walleye in the live well. More than enough for a couple of fresh walleye dinners. It wasn’t the coldest day we had spent on Potholes, but it was close.