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Reports > 2023 > October > Thursday 26
Thursday, October 26, 2023
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. The scouting began in early August. While others were packing up the boats and headed for cool waters to fish, I was grabbing a sandwich, some water and my spotting scope and driving to the high country. I'd only lived in the valley for a couple years, but I'd listened to plenty of people talk about the Colockum. Soon, I began to intimately know the rough green dot roads that led to the Arthur Coffin Game Reserve. It was along its southern border that I found a band of elk that included three spikes. By late August, I'd called them to me several times with my mouth reed naming one of them the "Tassel Bull" because it had remnants of velvet still clinging to the tip of its left antler. Finally, camp set up near Four Corners, Dad and I set out down a finger ridge before light Halloween weekend. I knew the elk would be in there, just not exactly WHERE. We jumped them about 8 a.m. I ran across a brushy draw, cow calling. Dad's 30.06 boomed and it was done. The "Tassel Bull" now hangs on his wall. Until next time, Good Hunting!