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Reports > 2022 > April > Thursday 28
Thursday, April 28, 2022
By Eric Granstrom
For I'm Eric Granstrom. Spring time in North Central Washington can be absolutely beautiful. The dampness of winter snows helps lush growth during the longer days, bathed in sunshine and warmer temperatures. The hills are covered in a carpet of green, sprinkled with purple Lupine and yellow Arrow-leaf Balsamroot. The challenge for fishermen is the wind. Believe me, Marion and I have dealt with the wind all spring so far, getting blown off the water more than we've been on the water. Old timers tell me the spring winds will continue to blow until the snow is no longer visible at Mission Ridge. After they received 4-feet of snow in one day just a couple weeks ago, that's going to be a while. I did learn a new trick recently, if you've battled keeping your boat straight trolling with a wind at your stern. My bow mount trolling motor can only do so much, but the wind off our tail keeps blowing the boat sideways. I was shown a trick that if you start your kicker motor and put it in reverse and steer into the wind, it will help keep your boat straight and also slow your troll. Magic! Until next time, Good Fishing!