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Reports > 2022 > April > Friday 29
Friday, April 29, 2022
By Dave Graybill
One of my favorite places to fish in the early walleye season is the upper end of Moses Lake. The water is very shallow in the areas I like to troll and usually warms up by now. My buddy James Lebow and his fishing friend Michael Erikson invited me to join them for a morning of fishing on Moses last Wednesday. We launched at Connelly Park and made the long run up to the very top end of the lake. We put two side planers out with light bottom bouncers and spinners with worms on one side of the boat and one planer and two rods out the other side. We got one good hit on the north side of the lake and crossed over to the far bank. There was a brief bite, and we put three walleye in the live well over here. Then it died. We got a couple of other hits but didn’t hook up. There were no weeds in this area yet, which made trolling easy. When the water warms up a few degrees the walleye bite will really take off. I am anxious to find out how the walleye tournament anglers do this weekend on Moses Lake.
I got this nice “eater” walleye at the very top end of Moses Lake.