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Reports > 2021 > April > Wednesday 28
Wednesday, April 28, 2021
By Dave Graybill
Funny how other anglers success or failure can change your mood. I fished Lake Chelan on Monday, and although the weather was clear and warm and the company on the boat was great, the fishing sucked. I had the worst day ever on Chelan. I was trying to catch kokanee and my brother in law Tom, who has been on many kokanee trips with me to Chelan, said he couldn’t remember ever not catching at least some kokanee. I couldn’t scare up a single fish. I felt defeated until I ran into the fish checker at the State Park. He rattled off the names of guides that had complained about the tough fishing. Some of them claimed to have had their worst day ever on Chelan, too. Whew. I felt better. On Tuesday I fished Banks. I felt pretty good about the four fish I landed—until I got to the ramp at Northrup. A guy there had 14. He said, and I quote: I watched your videos to learn how to catch walleye, and now I am out fishing you! I was happy for him and I was humbled for sure. I won’t be bragging about my day on Banks.
We didn’t get a lot of walleye on Banks, but they were dandies!