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Reports > 2021 > April > Thursday 29
Thursday, April 29, 2021
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Is it skill, or luck? Some say you create your own luck. Others say it's just a happenstance of the universe. When it comes to fishing, I think it's both. Marion and I lucked into some great fishing last Sunday at Pearrygin Lake near Winthrop. Eight of the ten fish we caught were your typical fresh plants, between 8-and-12 inches long. The other two, as you hopefully saw in the video on Tuesday, were lunkers measuring 20-and-a-half-inches each. Marion caught both of the big ones, which drew plenty of attention from nearby anglers. After the second one was landed, a gentlemen who'd been fishing without luck on the dock to our right came over to ask our secret. I told him rainbow sparkle Power Bait with a garlic scent. He said that's what he was using. I added that I was using a small dough-bait treble hook with a 4-foot leader on a slip sinker. He said he had all that but the hook. I offered him my last one. So how did we land some big ones and our limit? Luck. And a little experience. But mostly luck. That's fishing. Until next time, Good Fishing!