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Reports > 2018 > November > Tuesday 06
Tuesday, November 6, 2018
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Nothing like being trapped by 80 elk to get your blood pumping! Oh wait, I'm a little ahead of the story here. Sunday was the final day for the modern firearm elk season for me. Again, I was up in one of my favorite spots and boy what a day it was! It began shortly after daylight when Dad called me on the radio to say he'd just shot at a spike and missed and that the herd was coming up towards me. I beat feet down an old logging road and could hear them up in front of me. Cows were mewing and a bull was sounding off. I made a few cow calls with my reed and got feedback, but could never catch up to see them. Later in the day, I circled around the same neighborhood and crept down a trail, just seeing the tips of some antlers over the hill. I sneaked into a thicket of brush and before me, all within 100-yards, was a herd of 80 elk. 8 antlered bulls. 3 satellite bulls. Cows everywhere. But not one single spike I could shoot. No meat but the best hunt ever! Until next time, Good Fishing!