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Reports > 2018 > November > Thursday 15
Thursday, November 15, 2018
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Dad and I found where someone had left a camp fire burning overnight without putting it out. As I climbed out of the truck to go kick it out, some coyotes sounded off very close. They kept yipping and hollering as I put the fire out and I told Dad to get his rifle ready and I'd try to call them in with my mouth call. I began mimicking every yelp by the loudest coyote. They were only 40 or 50-yards from us but screened by a bunch of brush so we couldn't see them. This went on for a good 10-minutes. Dad thought it was so fun. I could never get them in for a shot, so we continued up the road. A short while later, a rutted up 2-point buck stood in the road in front of us, saliva dripping from its mouth. Later, we saw this same buck take on a little spike and chase him out of the county. The rut is definitely on! We didn't fill Dad's tag but it was great to get him some rest and out in the Great Outdoors and create some new memories. Until next time, Good Fishing!