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Reports > 2018 > November > Monday 05
Monday, November 5, 2018
By Dave Graybill
If you are like me, you wonder what you could have done differently to have better success after you have come home from a trip on the water. Most recently I fished for rainbow on Lake Roosevelt. Sure, we caught fish, and according to the fish checker, we did as good or better than most people she had talked to in the last week. However, I am never satisfied and think I could have tried some other techniques. I had run two rods on downriggers and two rods out the back on 4-ounce lead balls. I got most of the fish on one rigger that was set at 50 feet and the back rod set at 70. What I didn’t do is run any long lines or side planers. This is my standard practice on Roosevelt when I am fishing for kokanee, but I figured that I didn’t need to do this for rainbow. Next time I am at Roosevelt I will run Side Winder side planers with a 3/8th-ounce bullet weight ahead of my Kokabow blade. Hey, why not. I catch lots of rainbow doing this and if there is a kokanee in the area, they are more likely to hit this set up. I will stick with my Kokabow spinners, squids and the new Kokabug, as this tackle has been very productive for me over the years on Roosevelt.