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Reports > 2018 > November > Friday 02
Friday, November 2, 2018
By Dave Graybill
Anglers are known to debate about which lake produces the best tasting rainbow trout. I have often picked Curlew Lake, due to the very large and abundant Mysis shrimp that the trout feed on. I have caught trout on Curlew and even did one of Cooking TV shows where a Curlew expert showed how to prepare them. However, it is very difficult not to rate the rainbow from Lake Roosevelt as number one. There are no Mysis in Roosevelt, but there are daphnia magna, and this is what the trout feed on and these planktonic invertebrates impart the deep red color and excellent flavor to the fish. There are 750,000 triploided rainbow trout released into the lake every year, and they feed heavily on these tiny bugs. I recently fished Lake Roosevelt for rainbow and gave the catch to Dave Baum, who was fishing me, along with Galen Schmidt and Tom Verschueren. When he cleaned the trout, he thought for sure that they were kokanee. It wasn’t used to seeing rainbow with such a dark red color to their flesh. Fishing for rainbow can be excellent on Lake Roosevelt year-round. The popular winter fishery is just getting started. Anglers will soon ramp up their efforts, focusing on the areas near Spring Canyon and Keller.