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Reports > 2018 > November > Friday 30
Friday, November 30, 2018
By Dave Graybill
The sky was very overcast when I arrived at Rocky Ford Creek on Wednesday. At least it wasn’t raining and not too chilly. I parked at the first lot and after visiting with a couple of fellow fly fishermen and exploring the area near the upper bridge, started looking for a good spot to cast below the handicapped dock. I found a new place where previous anglers had mashed down the reeds, with enough room to stand. It looked pretty shallow here, but I was using my floating line today and thought it would be worth a cast or two. I was throwing a Mini Leech with an Ultra Scud dropper and on my second cast—Wham! The fish tore across the creek, turned upstream and broke me off. Wow. That was unexpected. On my very next cast the same thing happened. Huh. I cut my leader back a ways and changed my tippet to a fluorocarbon 7-pound test. I just tied on the Mini Leech and let fly. The fly had barely touched the water when I got hit again. This time I managed to get it to the shore, took a photo while it was in the water and watched it swim away. I was able to land five more trout before the action died. It think I scared the rest of the fish away. I did measure one. It was 21 inches and was very hefty.