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Reports > 2018 > March > Friday 30
Friday, March 30, 2018
By Dave Graybill
If you want to catch some trout, and some big ones, I would suggest that you get down to Burke Lake in the Quincy Wildlife Area. The annual derby was held here last weekend and lots of rainbow were turned in, but the biggest were about 14 inches. The Quincy Valley Tourism Association runs the derby and every year they buy a bunch of big rainbow to add to the fun of the derby. They went in the night before the derby so they really weren’t in the mood to feed on derby day. A friend of mine helped them plant the fish and he said that there were 800 put into Burke. One of the derby people told me that one of them was over 10 pounds! There are a lot of big fish in Burke Lake right now, so I would get there soon before they’re all gone. They were released right off the boat ramp and probably haven’t gone too far. They should be hungry and will hit just about anything. I have seen earlier plants for the derby taken on everything from Power Bait to spinners and other lures cast from shore. I also heard that there were some big fish planted in Quincy Lake. Good luck!