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Reports > 2018 > January > Wednesday 17
Wednesday, January 17, 2018
By Dave Graybill
There is good news for those like to brave the winter weather and get out on the water in their boat. That is that the kokanee fishing continues to be very good at Lake Chelan. I checked in with my brother Rick Graybill at Hooked on Toys, where he keeps his fingers on the pulse of angling here in Central Washington. He reported that the best kokanee action is right out of the State Park. Anglers are heading out into 250 feet of water and then looking for fish. Sometimes they are right there, and sometimes they are up towards Watsons Resort, or down lake off the first point above Monument Bay. He also said that the fishing can be good at times in Manson Bay or just off Wapato Point. The best selling tackle continues to be Kokabow blades and spinners and Graybills Guide Formula in the Kokanee and Craw-Anise flavors. The best Kokabow squid spinner colors continue to be either orange or pink. Schools of kokanee are found at 70 to 90 feet in the morning and then at 100 to 120 feet later in the day. Most anglers are pulling their gear at 1.2 mph or less, but Graybill suggests that speeds up to 1.6 mph would be better, particularly when looking for fish. A lot more water is covered at this speed and Graybill argues that strikes are more aggressive and hook ups more solid. Some anglers are still looking further up lake, as far as Mitchell Creek, but are not finding as many fish as those trying closer to the State Park.