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Reports > 2018 > January > Tuesday 16
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. The dog days of winter are here. I was playing with my new lures the other day wistfully wishing to be bouncing around in my Reinell on a troll somewhere waiting on a bite. I walked in the house with what must have been a far-off look on my face when my beloved asked, "hey, do you have a fishing rod I could use?" That statement immediately snapped me back to reality and I said, "for what?!" She apparently has a case of cabin fever as well and wants to use a rod I don't use anymore for some artsy-crafty project. A rod I don't use anymore?! Now that was a perplexing question! I did an about-face and headed back out into the garage to paw through my rod rack. I came back about an hour later holding two, old trout rods that hadn't been used in so long the dust covered up the brand name. As I handed them to her I had just one request. "If you use them, do you promise they'll still look like fishing rods?" Her answer was simply and with a laugh, "we'll see." For those on Facebook, I have a feeling this photo I snapped last summer on Chelan may have something to do with her project. Until next time, Good Fishing!