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Reports > 2018 > April > Tuesday 24
Tuesday, April 24, 2018
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Anglers battled high winds Saturday but better conditions Sunday at this year's Something Catchy Kokanee Derby on Lake Chelan last weekend. Over 100 boats and over twice as many fisherman participated in the annual event, organized by Jayson Williams and a crew of volunteers. When all was said and done, my buddy Del Barber, Junior's team took first place in the team competition while Trevor Story came home with the biggest fish. Del told me the wind and waves made fishing very interesting on Saturday. The morning began with near tragedy for two of the participants when their boats collided in the pre-dawn dark. According to the Chelan County Marine Patrol, the boat operators confused the lights of Manson and Chelan with the running lights on each other's boats and before it was too late, they realized they were on a collision course. The Lund's bow collided with the Alumaweld's starboard side midship. Marine Patrol Deputy Ryan Moody told me its lucky they weren't going faster or the Lund would have probably gone over the top of the Alumaweld. Thankfully no injuries were reported but fishing for the crew in the Alumaweld was over. Until next time, Good Fishing!