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Reports > 2023 > January > Tuesday 17
Tuesday, January 17, 2023
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Mother Nature is teasing us. Just remember that it's only mid-January and we still have a lot of winter left. Unfortunately, the warm-up we've seen the past week will mean many of the lakes anglers wish to fish through the ice are probably not the safest right now. Rain and temperatures into the 40's can cause a rotting effect on ice, even if it's thick, so be careful. Meanwhile, I'm seeing Austin Moser is not only knocking the triploids dead at Rufus Woods but took a crew out fishing walleye the other day and did very well. Eric Bratten is up to his old tricks landing great walleye on Lake Roosevelt as well. And, if you're into lake trout, I see Joe Heinlen of Lake Chelan Adventures was out prospecting and came home with a boatload of mackinaw. As Dave mentioned, this is also the time of year to load up on new gear at reduced prices by attending the sportsman's shows around the northwest. Also, I received another reminder from Fish and Wildlife to get my hunt reports in by the end of the month. So, there's still plenty to do. Until next time, Good Fishing!