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Reports > 2023 > January > Thursday 12
Thursday, January 12, 2023
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. I was getting ready for broadcast high school basketball last Friday at Eastmont High School when a familiar face appeared before me asking if I'd seen all the deer in the Palisades. Following this prompt, Marion and I were up early Saturday in the truck taking a deer drive. The weather has been lousy with rain and temperatures in the upper 30's so ice fishing is off for the time being. About 5-miles off SR-28 on the Palisades Road, sure enough, here's a group of deer nosing through a thin layer of snow for food. As we drove further, we spied more deer through the fog and rain. I was surprised how jumpy the deer were. It tells me these deer were hunted pretty heavily this fall with a pickup truck representing danger. We'd barely step on the brakes to roll down the window when the deer began bolting away from us. I'd taken my good Canon camera to get some pictures but quickly found the battery had died. Oh well, we thoroughly enjoyed our drive and came out on Sagebrush Flats Road and motored into Ephrata for Lunch. Until next time, Good Fishing!