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Reports > 2021 > March > Tuesday 16
Tuesday, March 16, 2021
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Finally! After months of the boat shivering inside our shop, we broke it out and went fishing at Lake Chelan Sunday. My Dad came over the hill from the west side for the weekend and with the weather outlook positive, we planned to fish kokanee. Of course, after losing an hour of sleep with the time shift Saturday night, we were a little later than I wanted to be on Sunday, launching from Mill Bay at 9:45. I had heard the fishing might be good up at 25-Mile Creek, so up the lake we motored. Rods were stacked on the downriggers by 10:30 and we had our first hit within 5-minutes. We found fish anywhere from 70-feet deep to the surface in anywhere from 150-to-350 feet of water. I put a wide range of flashers and lures on to start, but it quickly became apparent that orange, yellow & pink combinations were the ticket. I had three different scented corns mixed, but the pink-dyed, Kokanee flavor from Northwest Bait and Scent was the winner. We ended up with 13 in the box before we got too cold to go any longer. It was a great day! Until next time, Good Fishing!