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Reports > 2021 > March > Monday 29
Monday, March 29, 2021
By Dave Graybill
April 1st is coming up this week, and with it some great fishing, particularly for walleye—no foolin’. I hope to have my Spring issue of the FishingMagician E-Letter out by then. I have had some pretty good walleye fishing so far on Potholes Reservoir, and Moses Lake and Banks Lake will turn on very soon. The E-Letter will be dedicated to these waters. There’s an excellent video on the Dave Graybill Channel on You Tube on pre-spawn walleye fishing that Eric Granstrom and I did with Austin Moser. There are some great tips on walleye fishing in this one. This is the time to get geared up, so I want to provide subscribers with as much information as possible to be ready for one of the most popular fisheries in Washington State. If you are new to walleye fishing this information should get you started on the right foot. I want everyone to have the best possible time when on the water, and these E-Letters should really help. If you aren’t on the list to get the free E-Letters, go to my web site at and click on the E-Letter button at the top left hand side of the Home Page.
I landed this fat walleye pre-spawn fishing on Banks Lake in early April a couple of years ago.