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Reports > 2021 > March > Friday 19
Friday, March 19, 2021
By Dave Graybill
I had set up a meeting in Moses Lake for early Wednesday afternoon. So, even though it was last minute, I called my buddy Brian Neilson and asked it we could fish Potholes Reservoir before I had to be in town. Sure, he said, and off I went to meet he and his friend Mike. It was a short run up to the area in Lind Coulee we had fished just a few day ago from the launch at the east end of O’Sullivan Dam, and we had out gear out by about 8:30. Once again we were trolling Slow Death Hooks and Smile blades baited with nightcrawlers and by 8:45 we had a 22 ½-inch walleye in the live well. Not long after we put a 20-incher in along with it. We were constantly marking fish in the spot we were fishing, but the bite was pretty slow. We thought about trying a different area on the reservoir but remembered the old rule: “Don’t leave fish to find fish.”, and it paid off. We put three more walleye in the live well. I needed to feed six people for a family get together and these fish should do the trick. Once again, a great day on Potholes.
The first fish I got on Friday was this 22 ½ walleye in Lind Coulee.