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Reports > 2020 > May > Wednesday 27
Wednesday, May 27, 2020
By Dave Graybill
I managed to squeeze a fishing trip in between meetings yesterday and got up to Lake Chelan for a few hours in the afternoon. I ran up above Lakeside Park, where I could see some boats trolling along, and decided to join them. Not long after I got the gear down, one of the downrigger rods popped off and line was streaming off the reel. I picked up the rod and figured that I had snagged up, as the rigger was running very close to the bottom. However, when I gave the 7-foot rod all it could take I seemed to be making headway. It took some real pumping, as quite a bit of line had gone out, but eventually I saw a large white and brown shape come to the surface. It was a lake trout of about 10 pounds. It’s not unusual to get these guys when the kokanee are in the lower basin. I got back to kokanee fishing and put seven in the cooler before the wind drove me off the water. Not fast action, but enough to make the trip worthwhile. Good ol’ Kokabow blades and squidders did the job for me once again.