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Reports > 2020 > May > Thursday 14
Thursday, May 14, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. When's the last time you used a bobber? Now, for steelhead fisherman or those fishing salmon in streams, bobbers are used quite often. Fly fisherman call them "indicators." Basically, they're bobbers. I believe bobbers were invented by fishing Dads to keep their kids eyes and minds occupied during the slow times during fishing. I can remember fishing with a bobber as a kid at Cane Lake off the dock. We'd use Pautzke salmon eggs on a simple hook about two to three feet below a red and white, round bobber. We'd catch quite a few sucker fish, but a few trout as well. Bobbers were also popular at Big Lake catching perch and Lake Shannon with silvers. I love using bobbers when the lake is dead quiet. There's nothing like that anticipation of watching the bobber on a glassy-smooth surface. The tension as your eyes focus on any sign of movement. Waiting for a twitch. A tug. Or, best yet, the "PLOOP" of the bobber disappearing under the surface telling you there's a "Fish On!" Try using a bobber sometime again. It will take you back to the simpler days. Until next time, Good Fishing!