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Monday, May 25, 2020
By Dave Graybill
I just got word that the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has kicked off the Statewide Trout Derby. The program offers trout anglers the chance at winning prizes that total over $40,000. Tagged trout have been planted in over 100 lakes across the state, and when one of these fish is caught the tag will give the lucky angler a web address to see the value of the prize and where to claim it. The web site that lists the tag numbers and prizes won’t be available until after June 1st, but the fish are in the lakes now. If you catch a tagged trout, hang onto the tag. This program started three years ago and has been very popular with the state’s anglers. Most years around 50 percent of the prizes have been claimed. A way anglers can earn some cash for their fishing efforts is with the Colville Tribe’s Northern Pike Rewards Program. To help keep northern pike numbers down on Lake Roosevelt the tribe is paying $10.00 for each pike head turned into the collection sites all along the reservoir. Also, Colville Tribal waters that allow fishing to non-tribal members are scheduled to open at midnight on May 29th.