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Reports > 2019 > October > Monday 21
Monday, October 21, 2019
By Dave Graybill
I was very pleased to see how many people were interested in fishing for bluegill and the slip sinker setup I use when fishing from shore for trout. Bluegill are really good fighters, especially when they are the size of the ones in Potholes Reservoir. There are big bluegill and crappie being caught from the docks at Mar Don Resort, too, if you don’t have a boat to get out on the big reservoir. I should also mention that there are whopper bluegill in both Roses and Wapato Lake near Manson. I put a photo of the different items that are used to put together the slip sinker rig on my Facebook Page and people wanted me to add a photo of the rig put together, and I will do that. It occurred to me that I should also add a photo of the setup I use when I am drop shotting for bluegill and crappie. Look for this photo on my Facebook Page, along with a shot of my Garmin fish finder showing what one of the habitat boxes looks like on the screen when you pass over it with your transducer. Look for more photos of big bluegill on my Facebook Page, too!