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Reports > 2019 > October > Friday 18
Friday, October 18, 2019
By Dave Graybill
I had to stop at a Wenatchee car dealership the other day to pick something up. One of the guys there saw my truck and came over with a question. He had been trying to catch trout from the shore but hadn’t had any luck. Okay, I said. Why don’t you try this. Put an egg sinker on your main line and then add a swivel. This will allow the sinker to slide on the line. Then add about three feet of leader and a hook. I told him that he could use Power Bait on the hook, or, I like to use a plain piece of marshmallow and jarred shrimp. It is also important that he drop this rig into the water before he casts it out, as the whole idea is that the bait floats up off the bottom. I also suggested that he didn’t wind in his line until it was tight. If there is slack in the line it pulls through the sinker and the fish doesn’t feel the weight and drop the bait. If you haven’t tried this slip sinker, slack line method, give it a shot. It accounts for a vast majority of fish taken from shore in our lakes.