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Reports > 2019 > July > Wednesday 31
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
By Dave Graybill
The one thing that can really spoil a day on the water is wind, or the “W” when you don’t want to say it out loud. Rain, snow, freezing temperatures all of these conditions can be dealt with. I have had many successful days on the water in all of these circumstances. Wind, though, can make handling a boat so difficult that most anglers chose to just hang it up when it starts to blow over 15 miles and hour. With this in mind I did a weather search of the region last Friday and found most places had forecasts for winds that I didn’t want to deal with. However, I made a couple of trips to Crescent Bar this spring when high winds were forecast and found that fishing near the cliffs and tucking against them, we could fish just fine, and on two occasions caught lots of big smallmouth bass. That was the plan for Friday, and it proved to be true. The wind part at least. The fishing not so much. I am not sure why the fish had moved out of here, or if it was the lack of current that made fishing so poor, but it flat was. My brother in law Tom Verschueren and I tried everything that had worked here before and even some other stuff and still just landed one smallmouth. I really thought I had a new bass fishing spot that I could count on when wind could be an issue. Not so.