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Reports > 2019 > July > Friday 05
Friday, July 5, 2019
By Dave Graybill
You probably heard about the flash floods that closed some of the roads in our area. I even drove through Ephrata on my way to Banks Lake last Wednesday, thinking that there may have been water over the road in Pine Canyon. It didn’t occur to me that the weather that created these conditions would have affected the walleye fishing. I think it did. At least that’s my excuse for the poor walleye fishing we experienced. We launched at Million Dollar Mile and trolled all the way up to Rosebush with crank baits and didn’t get a single hit. Not even a smallmouth bass. This is really unusual. I always get at least a couple of smallmouth doing this. We than ran up to Barker Flats. There are always walleye here. Well, according to the depth sounder there were fish here, but they weren’t biting. We tried all kinds of bottom bouncing rigs without success. I finally tied on a red size 1 Slow Death Hook with nothing on it: no spinner, not even a bead. That worked, and I landed a nice 16-inch walleye. That was it though, not another fish. We talked to one boat that had landed two walleye early that morning, that was the only success we learned about.