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Reports > 2019 > July > Tuesday 23
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. We'd been meaning to get over to see my parents. I could hear the stress in Dad's voice over the phone. His caring for Mom was wearing on him and he needed a break. It would also be a chance for us to get some crabbing in. So on Friday, we hooked up the old Reinell and headed west. We stayed with my folks Friday night and the tides were such that we wouldn't be able to get out until Saturday afternoon, so we spent a great morning with Mom and told Dad to go to town. By 2:30, we were launching beneath the Twin Bridges on the Swinomish Channel. Our friends Mark and Melanie Coggins joined us for an afternoon of crabbing and catching sharks. We put the pots in off the Anacortes Refinery docks in water between 15 and 25-feet deep. The bait cans were stuffed with all our salmon and trout entrails from fishing this spring and summer. While we waited on the crab, our guests dropped a line overboard fishing dogfish. We came home with 11 keeper Dungeness and 16 Rock Crab. We'll be back in mid-August. Until next time, Good Fishing!