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Friday, September 1, 2017
By Dave Graybill
Welcome to September! This can be a great month for fishing in our region. The walleye often go on the bite in our big reservoirs and the on the Columbia River. The same can be said for the largemouth and smallmouth bass. Cooler water temperatures will also make trout fishing more appealing on most of our area lakes. Fly fishing on our small streams will continue to be good until the water gets so cold that the trout actually go dormant for the winter. When this happens all depends on the weather. I have had good fly fishing for trout into the month of October some years. What many anglers look forward to every year is the return of the big up river bright kings to the Hanford Reach. The leading edge of this year’s run is just hitting Bonneville Dam, and will peak in mid September. By then anglers will be landing bright fish in popular spots like White Bluffs and the stretch below Priest Rapids Dam. Anglers are already chasing these fish on the lower Columbia, with fishing off the mouth of the Klickitat and the Deschutes River starting to heat up soon. Here’s your chance to load your freezer this fall. Nothing like having smoked salmon for the Holidays!