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Reports > 2023 > June > Tuesday 20
Tuesday, June 20, 2023
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. It's now a 4-year tradition for a group of us to meet at our family property in Winthrop over Father's Day weekend. Last weekend was another such occasion with my Dad present and accounted for. We gathered around the fire each night, told stories and laughed and ate like kings. I didn't bring my boat but did bring fishing gear, hoping to get out to Pearrygin to do some bank fishing. Sunday morning was my opportunity, so I piled into Dad's truck and we headed out, just the two of us. The sun was playing hide and seek behind rolling clouds and the wind blew, so you'd be hot one minute and cold the next. We used Power Bait and a slip sinker with a dough-bait treble hook and flipped our rods out into the water. Settling back onto a nearby picnic table, we were both very pleased to spy kids all over the place fishing without a cell phone or electronic game in site. It was a great day spent with my Dad and I'm thankful Dad's wife Carol and my Marion arranged so we could spend it together. Until next time, Good Fishing!