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Reports > 2023 > June > Monday 26
Monday, June 26, 2023
By Dave Graybill
Anglers in our region are sharpening their hooks and getting their gear ready for the opening of the summer run and sockeye fishing season on the upper Columbia River. On Saturday, July 1st the fishing grounds will be crowded with boats trolling their favorite salmon lures. One of the most popular opening day spots is right below Wanapum Dam. This year, flows are fairly moderate, which will make conditions very good for those who start their salmon fishing season here. I expect summer runs to be caught for sure, although the fish are showing up later this season. Last year at this time summer runs were passing over Bonneville Dam at a pace of 3,500 a day. This year it’s closer to 2,000 and the run peaked on June 26 at 5,000 a day. Six thousand have passed over Priest Rapids. Sockeye are even later. On the 22nd 10,000 a day were passing over Bonneville. Last year the count was 29,000 the same day. The run peaked with 56,000 passing Bonneville on the 27th. About 3,000 have passed over Priest. It’s still early and it is still possible that the sockeye numbers will take a significant turn upwards.