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Reports > 2021 > November > Wednesday 03
Wednesday, November 3, 2021
By Dave Graybill
One of my favorite places to fish in the fall is Antilon Lake. I used to fish this lake when I lived in Chelan. It’s located in the hills above Wapato Lake, loaded with brown trout, and I have found them very active in November. On Tuesday I drove up there and had the lake to myself. I was pleased to see trout dimpling the surface when I arrived, and I knew I would be able to catch a few. I took both a spinning rod, and a fly rod. Years ago, a Fish and Wildlife enforcement officer, Graham Grant, now retired, told me to try a Kastmaster here. Cast it out and let it drop and flutter, he advised—and it worked great then, and it worked again on Tuesday. They didn’t like the rainbow pattern one I tried first, but they whacked the blue and chrome. I got out my fly rod and tied on a large bullethead leech. They would chase it to the shore but wouldn’t commit. The trout did like a brown and green one, with barbell eyes. Antilon is still loaded with brown trout, and they are very active right now.
This brown pretty brown trout hit a brown and green leech pattern at Antilon Lake, which is in the hills above Manson.