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Reports > 2021 > November > Tuesday 23
Tuesday, November 23, 2021
By Eric Granstrom
For I'm Eric Granstrom. How many of you are like me that when you're driving in traffic trying to find an exit you have to turn the radio down to concentrate? It's an illustration of how hard it is for me to really focus on one thing. Which is strange since I've spent each August since 2003 producing the Seahawks Radio Network broadcasts that has me wearing a headset, listening to six people at the same time. I've also come to understand in my 53-years on this earth that I'm a very visual human being. I prefer someone show me how to do something rather than tell me how to do it. So why do I bring this up? I was thinking the other day about planning a cast and blast trip where you combine fishing with hunting ducks. My problem is my focus. I've never done something like that and I know how my brain works. It might short-circuit trying to contemplate doing two things at once. We have several prime locations here in North Central Washington for such a trip so there's no excuse not to. Now just to wrap my brain around it. Until next time, Good Fishing!