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Reports > 2021 > November > Monday 29
Monday, November 29, 2021
By Dave Graybill
Wondering where to spend last Sunday I recalled that I used to touch base with Rosie, who worked with Gordon Steinmetz at Big Walley’s in Coulee City. She loved to fish Banks in the fall and winter and did so mostly from the breakwater at the Coulee City Marina. She caught a lot of dandy rainbow here, so I thought I would start my day here. I parked out on the point and put two rods out. Nothing was happening for me, and I noticed a guy across the way, and it looked like he was cleaning fish. I packed up and drove over there and sure enough he had just landed two rainbow. One was about 12 inches long and the other was at least 22 inches long. His name was Mark and he had traveled from Buckley to fish here—because years ago he had met Rosie and she showed him how to fish here! He was planning to fish the day here at the marina, spend the night and hit again in the morning. I checked on him later and he had added another nice rainbow to his stringer. He may have limited before he left for dinner.
This gentleman had traveled from Buckley to fish Banks Lake. He was very pleased with his catch.