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Reports > 2021 > November > Thursday 18
Thursday, November 18, 2021
By Eric Granstrom
For I'm Eric Granstrom. As a kid, I don't remember fishing in the wintertime at all. Maybe that's because Dad was always working because, as a logger, the winter months were the time when you could work. Fire season resulting in logging shutdowns in the summer were the occasions when he'd grab us kids and go fishing. Now that I'm older, I find winter fishing to be extremely fun, but only if there's heat available. We bring a radiant propane heater with us on the boat to keep warm. On the beach, as we did a couple weekends ago fishing at Lake Roosevelt, we had a fire. A wheelbarrow full of firewood lasted us most of the day. We have a hitch-mounted cargo carrier we'll put on the back of the truck and camper when we're not towing the boat. The firewood rides there perfectly while still providing a step to get up into the camper. There must be something viscerally pleasing that calls on our paleo-past about a fire. The crackling sound. The mesmerizing dance of flames. The smell of smoke and the heat. Oh to build a fire. Good thing I hooked a bell on my rods! Until next time, Good Fishing!