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Monday, May 31, 2021
By Dave Graybill
Good news for fans of fishing on Rufus Woods Reservoir for triploid rainbow trout. The staff from the Colville Tribal Fish Hatchery released over 44,200 triploid rainbow in the early spring and released another 20,000 on May 26th. The fish in the latest released averaged about 2 pounds each and can be identified by the absence of an adipose fin. Approximately 4,000 of these fish were tagged, and anglers are asked to contact the Colville’s Fish and Wildlife Department and provide the tag number and information related to the catch. Last Thursday I went to the Colville Tribal Fish and Wildlife web site and their on-line licensing area. I read a notice that said that the reservation is now open, and licenses and permits are available. I was able to open an account and buy my license and permits for this year. I got an annual license $40.00; the new access permit $80.00 and a two pole permit for $12.00. Total license costs and fees came to $132.00. An annual launch fee permit is available, but I didn’t get it. Figured I would pay as I go for this one.
The Colville Tribe has released more triploids into Rufus Woods to assure fish like this one I got last year can be caught in the future.