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Reports > 2021 > May > Monday 24
Monday, May 24, 2021
By Dave Graybill
The fishing was so good on Moses Lake last Monday that I went right back on Wednesday. My buddy James Lebow brought his boat and met me at the Connelly Park boat ramp right when the gates opened at 5:30. We wasted no time running up to the far north end of the lake, where we had terrific fishing just two days prior. However, we trolled for over three hours and just landed one fish. We finally gave up on this spot and drove down to a shoreline across from Connelly Park. We started off with no action and then I put on a naked nightcrawler on a Slow Death hook. That changed everything. We landed six fish in about an hour. James had the right idea to move to a different location and trying different methods until we hit on the naked Slow Death hook really paid off. I figured what made the fishing slow at the north end was the temperature change. It was sixty something when we launched on Monday, and just 38 degrees when we launched on Wednesday. Big temperature swings like this can put fish off the bite. That’s my excuse!
I hold up two of the six fish we got on Moses Lake on Wednesday. We started slow but had a great finish for the day.