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Reports > 2021 > May > Monday 17
Monday, May 17, 2021
By Dave Graybill
Sunday was a day of firsts. My daughter Whitney came over from Seattle and with her were four friends. She had called a few weeks ago about renting a house with her group, and then spend a day fishing with me on Lake Chelan. I was amazed that she found a house available in Manson, but she did and on Sunday her troop met me at the Mill Bay boat launch, and off we went to fish for kokanee. I had been out on Chelan Friday, so had an idea where to find the fish. There was a very large pack of boats where I fished on Friday, so we joined them, and I put the gear down. This was the first time anyone in this group had ever fished for anything, so every time it was their turn to take the rod, they landed their first fish ever. Fortunately, the kokanee were cooperating, and everyone got to catch a fish, in fact they caught several each. Whitney gave up her time on the rod to assist me and do most of the netting and she did a great job, never losing a fish at the net. Man, what a blast!
This the group that my daughter Whitney brought over to go kokanee fishing on Lake Chela with my on Sunday.