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Wednesday, January 8, 2020
By Dave Graybill
My Monday report was about my brief time on the water with Austin Moser, when we got a 19-inch kokanee, and I haven’t told you about my bank fishing experience at Keller the day before. Tom Verschueren and I found a nice spot down lake from the Keller launch in the park and got our gear in the water by about 9 last Thursday. We baited our slip sinker rigs with marshmallow and shrimp and cast as far as we could off the shallow sloping bank. I had walked up the beach to see what it looked like above us when Tom started yelling and pointing at my rod. It was vertical in the holder and about to go into the water when he grabbed it. There was a 21-inch rainbow on the line! That’s how things got started. From then until 1:45 we landed 10 triploids measuring 16 to 21 inches. We released one wild redband rainbow, got our baits stolen four or five times and we each broke off a couple of times, too. I would say that the fish weighed from 2 ½ to maybe 4 pounds. Shore fishing at Keller is sure worth the drive.
These rainbow caught at Keller measured from 16 to 21 inches.