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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
By Eric Granstrom
For, I'm Eric Granstrom. Funny how something totally unrelated to fishing can come back around to fishing. I was conducting a seminar last week for the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Top 10 Candidates on the media. My message to the young ladies had to do with being authentic and that the media was only interested in the good story they represent. For once, it's not about a salacious headline. We in the media understand the Apple Blossom Festival to be a good thing and a chance to tell a good story. I offered a suggestion to the ladies regarding interviews. In golf, you have one club in your bag of clubs you hit the best. When having a conversation with someone, or being in an interview, have a topic in your bag you know inside and out and use it as your go-to in case you get into trouble. For me, my best club is my 7-iron. In conversation, the best topic I know is about me. Then I began to think of my go-to lures. For trout, a wedding ring. Kokanee, anything pink. For walleye, slow death. And for just about anything, a wedding ring. What are your go-to lures? Until next time, Good Fishing!